Obesity and the Anesthesiologist

Dr. Cheung Chi Wai - Council Member, HKOS

Obesity is a major health care issue globally, especially for the western and the developed countries. As obesity population is becoming bigger, it is expected that the number of obese patients is being increased. Obese patients suffer from different co-morbidities,that are huge challenges to anaesthesiologists. Difficult airway, intra-operative ventilation and postoperative recovery and pain control are some of the major concerns. Obesity and its co-morbidities are the predictors for the poor postoperative outcomes, as well as the contributory factor for critical incidents related to anaesthesia. With the effort and the contribution of the Hong Kong Obesity Society, it is expected that the awareness of public toward anaesthesia for obesity patients is enhanced and obesity patients are well informed for the risks of anaesthesia.

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