Message from the Scientific Coordinator

Dr. Tellus NG - Scientific Coordinator, HKOS

Congratulations to the establishment of the Hong Kong Obesity Society. In view of the ever increasing numbers of patients with overweight/obesity/morbid obesity worldwide and in Hong Kong, I am delighted with the Hong Kong Obesity Society which enables a platform in Hong Kong to unite different parties through regular communications about up-to-date management of this global disease. Being one of the endocrinologists in Hong Kong, I hope that we can raise public awareness about healthy lifestyles, prevention of obesity occurrence and positive attitude about the management of obesity/morbid obesity in Hong Kong. In the not too distant future, I look forward to Hong Kong Obesity Society taking a leading role to positively influence policy makers for more resources upon promotion of healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, and tight control of good quality food products in order to tackle the root causes of obesity/morbid obesity in both children and adults in Hong Kong.