Go, 膏 Go! (March 2017 - January 2018)


Date: March 2017 - January 2018

Venue: Hong Kong

Spear-headed by Dr. Yu Cho Woo, Sports and Recreation Director of HKOS, and coached by Mr. Kevin Poon, “Go, 膏 Go!” is a community outreach program that aims to encourage physical activities among people seeking to control their body weight.

Practices were arranged regularly for participants to learn proper running technique from coach Kevin.

As a graduation activity, participants will be participating in the Diabetes Hongkong Run in January 2018, with the aim to finish the 5 km race.

Coach Kevin had been a most encouraging coach, and all participants tried their best to attend as many sessions as they can.

We managed to show everyone that no matter how unfit you are and no matter how far you are away from your weight goal, you too can participate in physical activities. It’s never too late to start!